Chris Oz has gained much experience and knowledge concerning different recording techniques in over 25 years of work as a recording engineer. His vast knowledge comes from basic acoustic recordings or recording of individual instruments in a large orchestra and choir setting, all the way up to Rock bands, and Pop-, Hip Hop-, Rap- or Jazz- recording sessions. He has also worked as a recording engineer for live recordings and television broadcasts like: Soehne Mannheims at MTV's “Campus Invasion”, Xavier Naidoo´s 2006 tour, "Comet", the "Echo" awards, "Top of the Pops", and "The Dome". He has also cooperated with and worked alongside many well known artists in different recording studios

His other passion is the recording of vocals. He loves the human voice, which he believes is the strongest expression of musical emotions. With each recording, he makes sure to always record the most intimate moments of the singer. For a successful Vocal recording session, the choice of microphone is extremely important. Each voice is unique and there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” microphone. Therefore, at the disposal of Oz, there is a large selection of first class microphones available to the artist. The right microphone in conjunction with the right preamp provide for the clearest and most genuine sound. The perfect headphone mix, adjustable lighting conditions and a pleasant environment in the recording booth provide for each singer the optimum conditions for them to be able to fully concentrate on their music. Only then will it be possible to bring the singer's voice up to its full potential. Otherwise, all the equipment is just rendered useless

"I have had the luck to work with first class singers. Naturally a very good thing. Needless to say, one also always learns more at the actual recording. You must always listen closely to see which take is the best and then be able to confidently decide on the best one. Getting the best take from the best of singers after the first recording is very rare. After a “perfect take” there is always a better one to be gotten. I basically record everything and keep it, because it happens again and again that the warm up and “check levels” takes are usually the most amazing."


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